About The Data

Example Table
An example Beach Nourishment table for North Topsail Beach

Explanation of Beach Nourishment Episode Attributes

Location: A beach, park, island, community or other commonly-recognized jurisdictional designation encompassing and identifying the geographic boundary and/or extent of shoreline upon which sediment has been emplaced.

Year Completed: The year in which a nourishment episode was completed. Beach nourishment typically commences in the late fall/early winter due to environmental and ecological concerns. As a result, nourishment episodes usually begin at the end of the year and wrap-up early the next year.

Primary Funding Source: The public or private entity providing the majority of the funding for a nourishment episode. These include:

Justification: The primary reason why a beach was nourished. These include:

Length: The linear distance of shoreline upon which sediment has been emplaced, measured in feet.

Volume: Volume is the quantity of sand emplaced on a beach during a beach nourishment episode measured in cubic yards.

Nominal Cost: The cost (amount spent) on a beach nourishment episode in the year the episode was completed, measured in US dollars.

2019 Real Cost: The nominal cost of a beach nourishment episode adjusted for inflation using the most recent US Consumer Price Index, measured in US dollars.


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