Welcome to the PSDS Online Beach Nourishment Experience. This site provides a user-friendly portal for accessing, viewing and downloading PSDS’ beach nourishment database: a 25-year research and data collection effort that, to the best of our knowledge, represents the most comprehensive compilation of beach nourishment history in the United States.

Under constant revision, the PSDS beach nourishment database contains attribute information on the general location of sand placement, primary funding source and funding type, volume of sediment emplacement (in cubic yards), length of beach nourished (in feet) and cost and inflated cost for over 2,000 beach nourishment episodes dating back to 1923.

As scientific advocates, our goal in making this data available is to provide a source of objective, comprehensive beach nourishment information to coastal planners, legislators, lobbyists, community members, coastal residents, researchers, local policy analysts, decision makers, engineers and students involved in responsible, equitable and sustainable coastal environmental management.

Select a green state, or choose a state from the drop-down list, to view pertinent information such as the location and number of beach nourishment episodes, cost, funding source/type and length of beach impacted. Our beach nourishment data is also now available for download.